Annual We Care Community Events

Fundraisers, speaking engagements, expo's and educational events. 
Please join us!

If you would like to host an event or collection for We Care, please contact our office(s).  We love working with our community to help plan and coordinate opportunities that bless the people we serve.  By working together, we can get the biggest turnout for the least amount of work. For more information, contact Dakota at

Volunteering with the Blueberry Festival 5K

We Care Community Resource Center has partnered with the National Blueberry Festival 5K Run and Walk - Our part is organizing volunteers to staff the event to make it run smoothly, and we receive a percentage of the proceeds.

This year's run is August 10th, 2024.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a position -

Warm Your Heart Campaign

The Warm Your Heart Campaign began in 2001, when Father Jim from St. Basil Catholic Church approached We Care's Executive Director at the time, Linda Olsen and Paul Laydendecker from Cosy FM to help raise funds to provide heat in people's homes. That event became the annual Island Sit on the last Saturday of February.

20 years later, Warm Your Heart expanded to include events throughout the month of February. It also raises funds for all our programs, as we have found that families who need heat, also need these other things, such as food, personal hygiene items, and holiday meals and gifts, etc.

Begins February 1st and runs through the end of the month.  The campaign culminates in the Island Sit on the last Saturday of the month.  The Island Sit is an opportunity from volunteers throughout the community to gather on the traffic island on Phoenix Street between Props and the Blueberry Store.  They spend an hour collecting money from passerby, braving the cold to do their part for the greater good.

Annual Seminar and Workshop

Each year, We Care host's a seminar and workshop for people to learn more about the affects of poverty in their community, resources available and partnerships around the county and state.

Holiday Blessings Campaign

Each year, We Care begins Thanksgiving and Christmas "sign ups" on October 1st.  We give out toys and gifts to over 250 children each year two weeks before Christmas.  We also coordinate the distribution between donor and recipient of over 350 holiday meals.  This takes a lot of organization and dedication from staff, volunteers, supporters and donors, and patience from families who are receiving.  But it is such an amazing experience watching all those who need a bit of extra assistance during the holidays be blessed because of the generosity of our community.  For more information on the Holiday Programs, visit the link above or click HERE.
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