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Updated May, 2022

Our office is open!  We are able to safely operate with our volunteers, staff and donors.  While we encourage everyone to do as much as possible by phone - 269-637-4342 (South Haven) or 269-427-9581 (Bangor), our offices are open for those who need to come in. We can't wait to see everyone!  (Please see guidelines below as they will be in place for all those coming to our offices.)

Thank you for your patience and support during this time!

Love and blessings to each of you,
Erika Morrison
Executive Director, We Care

· Within the We Care offices -

o All surfaces, doorknobs and pulls, phones, keyboards, office equipment, etc. will be wiped down frequently throughout the day.

o Hand sanitizer will be mandatory upon entry and exit.

o Gloves will be made available to everyone coming into the office.

o We will be utilizing closed containers for beverages.

o Masks must be worn at all times during RED transmission rates per CDC.

o All staff and volunteers must remain six feet away from each other at all times.

· We are following the State of Michigan protocols and recommend that our community follow them as well:

o Hand washing is mandatory after every interaction.

o No handshakes.

o Stay home when you are sick.

· We encourage our PANTRIES AND MINISTRIES to do the following:

o Have curbside pick-up only; no indoor service.

o Use face-masks and gloves.

o Load all groceries and products into plastic bags and carry to the car so that the family does not have to get out, and place in the trunk of the car.

· We urge our VOLUNTEERS to:

o Stay home if you feel uncomfortable coming into the office or pantries/ministries.

o If you have any signs of upper respiratory issues, please stay home.

· For our CHURCH and COMMUNITY PARTNERS, the State of Michigan recommends cancelling all indoor gatherings. Consider utilizing YouTube or other online platforms for your services or events indefinitely.

We Care remains committed to providing a safe place for our community and those in need. Therefore, we want to be the place of encouragement during this time of uncertainty. As Proverbs 12:25 says, “Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.” We are here for you; please let us know if we can help in any way. From all of us at We Care,

Erika Morrison

Executive Director, We Care CRC


We Care Community Resource Center
Central Office
1301 M-43 Hwy, Suite 2B
South Haven, MI 49090