Need Help?
Help Us, Help Others!

Need Help

Do you need some food to get you through the week, or maybe month?

Do you need some laundry soap until you get your cash assistance?

How about a bed for the foster child  you just took in?

Is someone you love hurting you?

If you answered yes to any of these, or have any need that is not listed here, We Care can help! Many folks think that We Care will only help families that are living at or below poverty guidelines. It’s a myth. Although most of the families we serve are suffering because of low-incomes, We Care can also assist families that have higher incomes but that are hurting because of emergency or crisis situations. It’s simple to determine whether or not your family is eligible to receive assistance. Simply call the appropriate We Care office (South Haven, Bangor or Pullman), explain your personal situation and we’ll see what we can do! We Care In the Name of Christ is for everyone who lives within our service area (South Haven, Bangor, Breedsville, Covert, Grand Junction, Lacota, Glenn or Pullman).

Below is list of questions that you might have and where/how you can get help.