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Who Is We Care I.N.C.?

We Care I.N.C. was fostered into being in 1980 by pastors of the South Haven Area Ministerial Association (S.H.A.M.A.).  The pastors saw a need to coordinate the assistance they were providing to those who came to their churches for help.  They thought a clearinghouse ministry would help to identify the truly needy people and provide goods and services to alleviate those needs.  Area churches came together to provide those goods and services.   We Care In The Name of Christ incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1982.  We Care I.N.C. started as a ministry in South Haven and has grown to include an office in Bangor that serves the Bangor, Grand Junction and Breedsville as well as an office in Pullman that serves the Pullman area.  For more information on the areas We Care I.N.C. serves, click here.

Our Purpose

We Care’s Clearinghouse Ministry does this by:

  • Enabling member churches to coordinate Helping Services.
  • Responding to the true needs of families and individuals in the South Haven/Bangor/Covert area.
  • Helping congregations that so desire to develop specific assistance ministries.
  • Reducing costly reprocessing of the same claims and utilizing community resources in the best possible manner.

What We Care I.N.C. Does

We Care I.N.C. provides assistance to over 40,000 individual needs annually.  The following types of help are most often provided although people receive other types of assistance as well.

  • Food Assistance
  • Clothing (including diapers and infant clothing)
  • Personal Care Items
  • Furniture Assistance
  • Household (including rent, locating housing)
  • Medical (including prescriptions, dental, vision & equipment)
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Counseling, Advocacy
  • Heat Assistance
  • Holiday Assistance

 As a clearinghouse, We Care supports special efforts organized by specific churches. We Care co-sponsors the pantries and assistance ministries housed by our parnter churches.  In addition, We Care operates a Prayer Ministry which includes regular prayer for those in need and for those who act as a community resource.

The Helping Process

Individuals contact a We Care office or are referred to us by a church or area agency. Once a need has been verified  and confirmed, families are referred to our pantries adn service ministries and or other community offices to obtain the help they are seeking.  Click here if you need help.


We Care I.N.C. receives no government funding and relies on churches, individuals, families, civic groups and business institutions for financial support instead. This approach to finaces allows us to assist families in need in the best possible way without having to adhere to governmental guildelines. Gifts to We Care are tax deductible and any gift that you might share will be greatly appreciated.


We currently have over 1,000 active volunteers and they are the lifeblood of We Care.  The We Care Talent Tithe Inventory Form offers an easy way to match your skills and interest along side We Care’s needs.  You may even have a skill we haven’t thought of!  Call the Director at our administrative office if you’re interested in sharing some of your time.

For more information about We Care, click on the Newsletters to read about all the events and fun things happening.