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We CARE I.N.C. Board and Staff

We CARE I.N.C. Board and Staff


The new year started strong with a great Board of Directors and staff.  Every year promises lots of challenges and excitement! Below is a listing of those that make make this such a wonderful and ecumenical ministry. If you happen to see any of these very caring folks who volunteer their time to keep We Care going, be sure to share a huge THANK YOU!

Paid Staff

Linda J. Olsen, Executive Director.  269-637-4342 x 22 /
Lynn Dick, Administrative Assistant  Office: 269-637-4342 x 25 /
Rachel Sankofski, Business Partnerships Coordinator / Employment Ministry Coordinator. 269-637-4342 /
Marilyn Hawkes, Office Manager South Haven Office.  269-637-4342 x 24 /
Debbie McPike, Office Manager / Ministry Development Specialist, Bangor Office: 269-427-958 /

2016 Board of Directors

2016 Bangor Advisory Board

2016 Covert Advisory Board

Joe Guiltinan (St. Basil Catholic Church)
Don Hallock (Kibbie Christian Reformed)
Christine Lacy (Casco United Methodist Church)
Paul Layendecker Peace Lutheran Church
Steve Mackay (Lily of The Valley))
John Gill (Solomon's Temple Church)
Linda Olsen, Executive Director


Sharon Gatto
Steve Karr
Danny Pickens
Jerry Muenzer
Kate Schrenk
Betty Whiteman
Alice Reissmann

Debbie McPike (We Care I.N.C. Bangor Office Manager)
Dennis Palgen - President (Covert Township)
Flozine King - Vice President
Marilyn Clayton, Secretary (7th Day Adventist Church)
Steve Mackay, Board Liason (Lily of The Valley Church)
Pam Baker, (Covert Public Schools)
Hattie Harding (Covert Community Church)
Alice Jeffries (Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church)
Phyllis Tyler, Pantry Representative (Lily of the Valley Church)
Pastor Telesma Sallis, (Lily of the Valley Church)
Linda Olsen, Ex. Director